Lightroom Old Versions – Download All Version APKs in 2024

Downloading older versions of Adobe Lightroom is not available from usual channels. You won’t find an option to download them from the Play Store. 

But that’s what we are here for. You can download previous versions from this page. Here are the links to older versions of Adobe Lightroom. 

Adobe Lightroom v9.2.3

(Latest Version)


Adobe Lightroom v9.1.1


Adobe Lightroom v9.0.1


Adobe Lightroom v9.0.0


Adobe Lightroom v8.5.2


Adobe Lightroom v8.5.1


Adobe Lightroom v8.5.0


Adobe Lightroom v8.4.2


Adobe Lightroom v8.3.2


Adobe Lightroom v8.2.2


Adobe Lightroom v7.3.1


Adobe Lightroom v6.1.0


Once you have downloaded the application, you can install it on your smartphone. Make sure you uninstall Lightroom from your phone if you have it already. 

lightroom old versions

Lightroom Old Versions – Download All Version APKs in 2024

Adobe Lightroom has become a staple of photo and video editing for both professionals and beginners. It is an advanced tool that allows you to edit your favorite pictures and videos. 

However, with the constant evolution of the features, the newer updates might not be compatible with older smartphones. 

Since Adobe is constantly releasing new updates, several users have faced compatibility issues in their smartphones. Because of the newer and more advanced features, smartphones slow down or crash the application. 

If you are also facing a similar issue, then you should definitely download Lightroom’s old version. 

In this article, I will be sharing various versions of Adobe Lightroom in APK files that you can download to use this amazing app without facing any compatibility issues. 

I will also be sharing system requirements for older versions along with system requirements for Lightroom.  

Why Do You Need Lightroom Old Versions?

There can be various reasons why one would opt for an older version of Adobe Lightroom. Compatibility is the primary reason, which I have mentioned above, but there are several others as well. 

If you are using an older smartphone that is unable to upgrade its OS to the latest version in the market, then you might face difficulty when installing Adobe Lightroom from the Play Store. 

While the app may be installed, you might face difficulty in using certain features, or your smartphone may hang or slow down. To avoid facing these issues, one should definitely opt for an older version. 

Professional photo editors often get accustomed to using certain features and do not want their workflow to be disrupted. They might have grown familiar with a certain feature and might not like its updated Lightroom version. 

Regardless of the reason, if you are looking to download and install one of Lightroom’s Old Versions, you have come to the perfect place. 

Adobe Lightroom System Requirements

Here are the system requirements for Adobe Lightroom:

CPUQuad Core CPU and ARMv8 or x86_64 architectureOcta Core CPU and ARMv8 or x86_64 architecture
RAM4 GB8 GB or Higher
Internal Storage32 GB128 GB or Higher 
Android Version8.0 (Oreo) or Higher

The above requirements are for the latest release of Adobe Lightroom Version 9.2.3. 

Benefits of Using Adobe Lightroom Old Versions

There are many benefits of using older versions of Adobe Lightroom. Let’s discuss each of them one by one. 

No Compatibility Issues 

When you download an older version of this application, you will experience improved performance and better stability. Especially, on older smartphones, you will see significant improvement. 

While the newer versions are no doubt better, they also demand more processing power which your older smartphone might not be able to handle. 

So, you can face several issues ranging from slowing down, randomly crashing, or phone hanging. To avoid these issues, you can download an older version of Lightroom. 

Features You Miss

If there was a certain feature in a previous update that you particularly liked but it is no longer available, you can get back to it by downloading Lightroom’s old version. 

When updating applications, developers often remove old features to introduce new ones that they think are better, but sometimes users prefer some of the old features. 

Hence, to access those features, which are also known as legacy features, you can download the exact version in which that feature was introduced. 

No Auto-Update

Since you are downloading an APK file, it won’t auto-update from the Play Store. Hence, you will be able to use the application just the way you like it and don’t have to worry about it experiencing any change. 

Retain Your Workflow Habits

Many professional photo and video editors grow accustomed to using certain features inside an app. They absolutely hate it when developers change the layout or introduce new buttons on the screen. 

Hence, by downloading an old version of Lightroom, you will be able to preserve your habitual usage and work efficiently. Your familiarity with the app and its features will keep your productivity intact. 

Download Lightroom MOD APK – Premium Unlocked Version

If you want to access the premium features of Adobe Lightroom without spending any money, you can download the MOD version of the application. 

The MOD version provides you access to all the premium features for free. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the limitations of the applications and can use the premium unlocked version. 

To download the latest version of Lightroom MOD APK, click here: Add Download Link


You can also download older versions of Lightroom MOD APK from the following links:

Download v9.1.1 Download v9.0.1 Download v9.0.0 Download v8.5.2 Download v8.5.1 Download v8.5.0 Download v8.4.2 Download v8.3.2 Download v8.2.2 Download v7.3.1 Download v6.1.0

Just like Lightroom, the latest version of MOD might not be compatible with older smartphones. Hence, you can download the old version of the application to avoid compatibility issues. 

Wrapping Up!

From the above guide, it will become clear why there is a need for older versions of Adobe Lightroom and how you can download your desired version. 

Simply click on the download link once you have identified which version works best for you. Once downloaded, you can easily install it on your smartphone. 

With an older version, you won’t face any compatibility issues and will be able to experience a boost in performance and stability. 

You can also download the Lightroom MOD APK which unlocks all the premium features of the application for free. All the older versions of this MOD application are also available on our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are facing compatibility or performance issues with the latest version of Lightroom or if you want to use a legacy feature that is no longer available, you should download an older version. 

Yes, you can download and install an older version of Lightroom MOD if you are facing compatibility issues with the latest version. It is usually recommended for people with older smartphones. 

While not all versions have been available since the release, you can still download many of the previous versions ranging to 6.1.0. We have provided links for various versions leading to the latest update in our above article.